A Beekeeper Initiative
  • Florea Raw Sidr Honey 500 gms

    • Raw and Unprocessed honey.
    • Honey obtained via bees dominantly visiting Sidr/Berry flowers by keeping bee boxes in an area where the dominant flowering season is for Sidr trees
    • Pure and natural honey obtained from bees that have visited Sidr/Ber flowers for nectar.
    • Seasonal and medicinal in nature
    • Dark and Flavorsome honey
    A beekeeper initiative to provide our consumers with 100% pure honey through our network of beekeepers, tribal & farmers, who in turn are encouraging and increase in pollination across our country in fields, forests and farms. The contents of this bottle has 500 grams of Pure and Raw Sidr Honey. Sidr Honey is obtained when the dominant nectar source is from the flowers of the Sidr tree. This honey is raw and unprocessed, undergoing just a crude filtration process. No need to refrigerate.