A Beekeeper Initiative

Happy Bees Make Superior Honey!

Beekeepers initiative to provide our customers with 100% pure honey from various floral sources through our network of beekeepers, tribals and farmers, who in turn are encouraging an increase in pollination across our country in fields, forests and farms.

What we do: We are beekeepers and we;

  • Maintain bees in clean and cozy bee boxes.

  • Take those bee boxes to various fields, forests and farms, which in turn increases the pollination wherever we place our bee boxes.

  • Ensure bees collect surplus honey from various floral sources.
  • Extract the surplus honey which we in turn filter, bottle and offer to our customers.

We are proud of what we do:

  •  We extract the surplus honey only, always leaving sufficient honey for the bees.
  • We conserve the bees by multiplying them every year and never harming them in the process.
  • We also feed the bees when there is a dearth of nectar flow around.
  • We help pollinate the fields, forests and farms.
  • We help farmers earn more as our pollinating bees increase their crop yields.
  • We help the tribals learn proper beekeeping practices, promoting entrepreneurship among them and marketing their honey from the forest flora to the consumers.